We need you!

Bike mechanics

Any knowledge of working on a bicycle? Help us to share this knowledge to our community

IT tech

We are always looking for some IT people as to be honest, our knowledge of IT is very slim

Organizational skills?

Come and help us to clean and organize PBK so we can be more functional and help more people out.

Administration skills, analytical skills? All is welcome.

Handy people

We need to build a nice work space and we need to build a lot. We are experts in bending nails and making breakers flip. Help!

Donations gatherers

Without donations we wouldn't be able to stay open, we rely on you to keep PBK on a high level so we can keep improving our biking community.


We are doing this for you! yes, yes, you! We want to make our community better. Make people more aware of bikers, have people ride safer, help them maintain their bicycle. We need you, the community, to support us.